Premier Industrial Group is a mechanical piping contractor that has considerable experience in the process and utility requirements of industries such as paper, chemical, power, food and beverage along with the utility needs of universities, government agencies and commercial buildings.

We specialize in rapid mobilization and the handling of complicated projects that other contractors find too troublesome or impossible to bother with.

As a general piping contractor, we handle the coordination and supervision of mechanical projects and retain the services of a wide range of sub-contractors in order to drive every phase of the job. These sub-contractors are directly responsible to us and we ensure that their work is coordinated properly in order to bring the projects to a completion on schedule and within budget.

Plant Outage Services

From planning and scheduling to full re-starts, Premier Industrial Group’s complete outage services can help you meet your most demanding operational requirements.

Our plant services experts can work with you to complete extensive lists of work repair items, reconfigure your mechanical, plumbing, and other systems, and/or replace worn or outdated equipment. You get increased efficiency, reliability and productivity.

So no matter how complex your outage may be, you can depend on us to help you plan and manage it. Our plant outage services can help you minimize downtime and maximize both performance and value.

Specialty Industrial Welding and Mechanical Fabrication

Premier Industrial Group’s industrial welding expertise is the result of working with some of the industry's most demanding clients. We also have extensive heavy industrial experience and are proficient in both arc welding and orbital welding.

As the industry leader, we can perform over 50 certified welding operations on everything from carbon steel to the most challenging alloys. In addition to orbital welding, our highly skilled craftsmen can perform a wide range of arc welding procedures, including shielded metal, gas metal, gas tungsten, and flux core, as well as plastic fusion, overlay, brazing, and soldering processes.

And we can do them all in full compliance with applicable national codes and Standards. It’s the highly skilled industrial welding and specialty welding services you need to satisfy your toughest requirements for precision, durability, safety and performance.

Our Services

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