It only takes ONE! ONE Incident. ONE Accident. ONE Fatality.

In reviewing the latest OSHA Fatality and Casualty (FAT/CAT) reports, many companies are suddenly faced with the critical task, of reviewing their in-house or outsourced safety programs.

The large majority of severe injuries, fatalities or catastrophic events are shown to be a result of;

  • Poor, limited, or no training.
  • Limited or no evaluation of risks and then remediating those risks in the workplace.
  • The improper or lack in use of safety equipment required by State or Federal OSHA, for specific, hi risk tasks.
  • Or worse, field supervision and management instructing the workforce totake short cuts in order to complete a contract, job or task.

Any injury, fatality or incident does not just effect the single worker. The impact of these events cause a ripple effect in the workforce reducing production, lost hours to investigate and remediate the hazard or condition, a reduction in your companies ROI, and in this digital age, an almost immediate notification to your clients and potential customers causing them to pause on signing that contract you want or need.

Premier Project Managements safety personnel have both US recognized (OSHA) and internationally recognized certifications such as the Occupational Safety and Health Professional (OSHP), and Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS). They also hold numerous "competent person," and Train the Trainer qualifications. What this means for you and your agency, is a highly qualified, and diversely experienced resource, to evaluate your needs, assess future or current safety issues, then train, certify and build confidence in your management and workforce.

All clients have a unique and diverse landscape in which they operate. Premier Project Management does not use a cookie cutter approach when a cake pan is in order. We tailor your safety program to your specific environment.

We can and will evaluate your location and then produce a plan specific to the potential hazards, environmental conditions and production needs of your facility or project. Everything from engineering, administrative and personal protective controls will be planned, assessed and changed as required to meet the needs and changes that can and will occur.

On top of these services, we will strive to ensure that the major OSHA violations will not be an issue with your organization, by competently training, qualifying and evaluating your work force in all the relevant areas to include those found on the top 10 violations list for non-compliance;

  • Hazard Communications
  • Fall Protection
  • Lock Out Tag Out
  • Scaffolding
  • Excavations

Premier Project Management will make sure thatyou, the client are treated as number one, and greatly reduce your chanced of being effected by the ONE.

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