As industry and the workplace continue to change with new technology and global industrialization, the leadership and management of the fast paced workplace is changing with it. Like your company and many companies, Kurt Bravo, has seen a need for change in how companies like yours manage their projects and how projects are completed. Premier Project Management has been built around the necessary resources and staff to take your project to the next level. Are you looking for a comprehensive team that can complete your project from the project initiation phase through execution and closure?

Do you value leadership skills, knowledge, and expertise across all fields from engineering, budgeting and construction? Kurt and his team at Premier Project Management can offer you solutions to create a plan that will work for you and your project. With over twenty years of experience, Kurt looks at leadership and management from the ideals that knowledge and productivity is found by creating a common sense of collaboration, purpose, and teamwork through sharing common core principles.

These principles are carried throughout the team at Premier Project Management forming a new leadership and management style desired by companies like yours. Kurt has worked on many projects over the last twenty years some most recent one being with U.S. Nitrogen in Greenville, TN. He also worked with BioAmber, out of Minnesota, Nature works and Novozymes both based in Nebraska, ADM located in Illinois, Florida Power and Light in Massachusetts and Midwest Ethanol Producers in Nebraska.

These projects have taken Kurt to places as far as China and Germany where he oversaw various processes of plants in Engineering, construction and equipment procurement and manufacturing. You don’t have all the time in the world or an endless supply of funds. What you do have is a project to complete. Premier Project Management can help you.